About Denise

Used to be a city girl but fell in love and moved to a small town In Saskatchewan, Canada. I may live in a town of around 1,000 people but it hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my passion for women’s health and fitness!


My Story

I have always had a passion for movement and activity. I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete, the extent of that journey would be gymnastics, playing rugby in high school & for the City of Red Deer, AB. I absolutely loved every minute of training and practices. It didn’t always come natural for me but with good coaching I could get the jobs done.

You could say I’v always been a coach, it started with coaching mom & tot all the way up to pre competitive gymnastics as a teenager and all through High School. After graduating I went straight into a 2 year program to become a Certified Personal Trainer. (CSEP-CPT, NASM) I worked for a private studio in downtown Edmonton before venturing out on my own & creating REV Fitness. In 2018 I made the move from the city, across province, to small town Eston, Saskatchewan.

Now, with a home studio I run 6+ Classes per week as well as fill my days with my amazing personal training clients!

PURSUING Pre & Postnatal Training & Becoming a Doula

The main reason I left the private gym was so that I could further pursue my passion for women’s health & fitness. I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and birth. I have been in this industry for a over 5 years now & am still shocked at the lack of knowledge & the pressure put on pregnant women. Whether it’s during pregnancy women are expected to carry a baby while looking minimally pregnant or the postpartum race to get the pre baby body back.

In my own pregnancy I joined multiple facebook groups for pregnant women, the main point of most of them were aimed at comparing weight gain & how fast they get their bodies back postpartum. I found it very discouraging and that’s why I created my own private facebook group for new and expecting moms, HERE.

My journey as a Doula has slowed down due to my now remote location, two hours from the main city. None the less I feel so fortunate for every birth I have been able to be a part of. I believe that every woman has an inner wisdom. My work is to offer an unbiased support that will inspire women to trust in their own strength throughout pregnancy & into the amazing experience of birth. I have such a privilege of empowering women to listen to their inner voice as they enter into motherhood.


A few things you might not know about me!

  • I love acro yoga and also consider it a great form of couples therapy! So much trust and communication!…

  • My goal of running a half marathon before having kids got done just in time! I ran it at 9 weeks pregnant and surprised myself with a 2:09:13 finish! (Also the race started with snow blowing into us!)

  • I love to travel & hope to do more in the future, it has been awhile… I have enjoyed Costa Rica, Vietnam, St.Kitts & Thailand.

  • Baking is NOT and never will be my thing, I only read the ingredient list, never the instructions & i find that doesn’t make nice cakes and cookies!