Pregnancy Journal - Second Trimester

Weeks 14 - 26

Second trimester turned out to be pretty lovely, with my energy starting to return close to 16-19 weeks! I still don’t know if I actually got a ton of energy or it was just me going back to normal. I was able to start feeling baby kick around 16-17 weeks, every morning after my morning class I would sit and patiently wait for the little thumps.

We found out the gender of our baby at 20 weeks, I have never been so nervous about something that really didn’t matter! We just wanted to know! We had all of our local friends and family over and video called my parents. We set up a board covered in balloons, some were empty, some had blue glitter and some had pink glitter. One of my amazing clients came over and set up the balloons so we could wait and find out with everyone else! So we then made our friends and family throw darts to pop the balloons and we had to get 4 of one color for that one to be the gender! Here is a very shaky video, It was pretty it was NOTHING Fancy, but also very suspenseful! It came down to one balloon and it still took dallas and I forever to pop it!

Right around 20-23 weeks is when I really popped! We were away for the holidays and it was really nice to let the belly out and get some sunshine. We still did lots of hiking and I was happy I could still fit on Dallas’s motorbike! We celebrated our 2nd anniversary, Dec.22nd and enjoyed each other’s company!

I started working on the programs for the pregnancy guide, I don’t know if that will all get done until the end of summer! It’s so hard to plan my schedule for March and April, I don’t want to quit working to soon in case baby is really late, but I also am ready for him to come anytime after 37 weeks!

Pregnancy Symptoms:

  • Heartburn all the time!

  • Hiccups and Burping…

  • Short of breath very easy

  • Bad skin

  • Weak Immune system, I get sick so easily!

Pregnancy Cravings:

  • All of the really expensive pineapple!

  • Chips & Salsa

  • Sweets… Candy :(

Pregnancy has really forced me to start getting comfortable with pictures and selfies… I promised myself that I would do everything I could to document all these beautiful changes my body is making for baby. I know I will want to have something to look back on!

That’s all for now, honestly I am writing this at 32 weeks & I kind of forget a lot about the second trimester! I am already starting the next blog post, don’t know when “3rd” trimester will be done! Will he come early of late?!

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