Pregnancy Journal - First Trimester

Spring of 2019 is going to bring some big changes! We have an April Baby on the way! I know not everyone is into baby stuff so feel free to skip this one if you want.

This baby wasn’t compleltly expected, I had some minor hormone issues and we had just been asked the week before to quit trying until they got some biopsy results back. We had it settled that it might be a few months before we could try again, and weren’t to worried. Reality is that it doesn’t just happen first try for everyone.

I paid no attention to the first signs of pregnancy, I was expecting my cycle to begin any day, it seemed a little late. I had taken lots of test the months before with no results so I was patiently waiting. After complaining about my sore chest one day Dallas jokingly commented that I must be pregnant. A few days later I decided to take a test (I have about 50 of them, thanks amazon!). I was rushed and had clients waiting for me so I didn’t even wait for the results, just left it on the counter. Later that afternoon I finally made it back to my bathroom and found a + test, sitting there, just waiting to be found! I was lucky enough to get it confirmed the same day, we were 5.5weeks! (I also called the midwife clinic the same day, they were already booked full for April!)

People say the first trimester is usually the shortest, I found it to drag on forever! I didn’t quite believe that it was real, I would take test almost daily the first few weeks! I was just waiting for our first ultrasound appointment at 10 weeks. I didn’t fully believe it, or let myself get to excited, I was always checking to make sure I still had be tender chest. I wasn’t feeling nauseous at this point so it seemed like I didn’t have enough symptoms. But sure enough, jelly on the belly, they for sure found a baby in there with a good strong heartbeat! The monitor was turned away from me, but right away dallas was acclaiming “Wow, that is so neat! That’s amazing!”. You leave with your one little picture, feeling in awe and amazement. Also feeling like you need to get to a bathroom immediately, full bladders for ultrasound are really hard to judge! We finally told our family at 12 weeks, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I could finally explain some of my behavior, why I wouldn’t eat certain foods, or why I was so tired…


Between training for my half marathon, early morning training and still teaching aquafit, fatigue was my biggest struggle that first trimester. I did feel nauseous in the morning with my prenatal but I quickly switched to taking it before bed. I would still feel sick within 15 mins of taking it but I would soon be asleep! I would lay down for 20 minute naps, which would turn into 2 hour naps! Not common for me in the summer!

At 11-12 weeks the mornings started getting rough. I strongly feel that my level of activity for the majority of that first trimester really helped with morning nausea. It wasn’t until after my race when I took a few weeks off that I started feeling sick most mornings. It has since went away for the most part, only coming back on random days. I have puked less than 10 times so I am feeling pretty lucky!

I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time of my half-marathon. I felt very confident that I could finish and was prepared to slow down or take breaks if I needed it. I was able to run the whole time and finished in a better time than I expected! I know I am not the first person to run a race, but for me it was a huge accomplishment. I know having a baby isn’t completely like running a race, but I know it takes patience and mental perseverance. The thought I have had all summer has been, “I can do hard things’ as well as “My body is capable and strong.” We all have our own things that we consider “Hard”, personally I am choosing to not let it define what I accomplish.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, as I write, I can feel baby kicking. Our 20 week ultrasound is this week! Also, let me know your favorite parenting/baby books or podcast, and why you liked them!