Staying Active In a Small Town

Let’s Stay Active and Healthy this year Fall!

I’m sitting on my couch watching the last of the leaves fall off the big tree at the end of our driveway. The wind is blowing from the west like usual and I am far from wanting to go outside. On the bright side, I am finally finishing this blog that was supposed to go up on monday, this post will get more inspiring, you will just have to wait…

I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, as per google, we have a population of 1,061 people. I am a transplant from the city, over the last year and a half I have slowly adjusted to this slower pace of living. It has actually been so refreshing and was the best choice for my husband and I. Here in Eston, I have still been able to continue personal training and multiple group classes out of my home gym. We don’t have a ton of options for activity and fitness so I am thankful that I can play a small role in our community.

As the weather is changing I am gearing up for another winter. I know that I need to make a game plan and prepare myself, most importantly this is for my mental health, the physical benefits are secondary. I feel like my level of activity follows the seasons, peaking in the summer and dropping off somewhere around December, a little spike around January with a steep drop off until the snow melts. Anyone else with me?

Staying active in a small town takes a little extra effort in my opinion, we can’t run over to a mall just to walk around and window shop. Yes that counts as activity, you can get so many steps! So here are a few general ideas of how to keep yourself active this winter.

Tips for Active Living & staying MENTALLY Healthy in a Small Town This Winter

  1. Walk everywhere - This is a huge added benefit of living in a small town so you may as well embrace it. While we might not have huge grocery stores or even large parking lots to walk across. Instead we can walk right from home to the grocery store, probably stopping for the mail along the way. For people that live on the farm, park your vehicle on main street and walk to do your errands, driving up and down main street probably doesn’t even save you any time.

    You could also make a walking group, walk with friends or family every morning or evening. It also helps to invest in the right gear so you can brave the weather any day.

  2. Workouts - Small towns don’t always have many options for fitness and gyms. In the case of Eston, you have two! We have the Larry Thome Fitness Center as well as Rev Fitness, so come on over for personal training or one of the 5 group classes running every week! If that’s not your thing, you can always get some online programs and workout at home, just find something that you will stick with, consistency is key!

  3. Rec Leagues- I think we need to make a few different rec leagues, especially for women. I am unaware if we have any at the moment, but we should probably get some started. If your in a small town, ask around, there might be a rec league running out of your local school.

  4. House Projects/ Chores- The fall/winter months are a great time to work on those house projects you have been dreaming about. Rip out that old carpet and paint that basement! These projects will make you feel accomplished and add to the enjoyment of your home.

  5. Get together with friends - Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and be with new people in new surroundings. Laughter is the best medicine.

  6. Join an Accountability Group - Join a community that is focused on working towards positive goals. We are so fortunate with technology that even if we live in remote areas, we can still find a community online. This summer I joined multiple running facebook groups and it was amazing how inspiring it was to see all these other women training and working hard. I am actually starting an accountability group starting Monday! It’s called Fight to the Finish 2018, it is for anyone who wants to stay accountable for there workouts from now to the end of the year. By doing 3 workouts a week, we can get a total of 30 workouts! I will even give you some workout ideas and be there with you the whole way! Follow the link below to join.

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