5 Week Reset Group Classes

We will be covering all the basics for exercise. We will be covering proper form, proper technique all in a fun friendly environment. For the clients that have stayed consistent with training throughout the summer, they will still have advanced options available.

Commit to all 10 classes for $90

Drop In Price is $10/class

30 Day Nutrition

It’s time to get back to nourishing our bodies with whole foods, the things that make us feel good! It can be hard to make changes on our own so that’s why we are all doing it together! For 30 days you will be eating lots of whole, fresh, nutritious foods. No calorie counting at all! Check out the videos below to see what other people have to say + some meal prep ideas!

Whole30 Review

Meal Prep Ideas

How/What we are going to be doing:

#1 Sign up

#2 Join Private FB Group + Purchase Whole30 Book (optional, you can get them used really cheap)+ Plan ahead for success, clean out your kitchen, get your groceries. The FB group will have a pdf with multiple recipes for Breakfast + Meal Ideas. I like to print off the recipes and organize them in a “meal plan” for the week.

#3 The weekend of Aug. 31 & 1st you will need to complete the Weigh in, Questionnaire & Goal Setting sheet! Make sure you check-in on the FB group and let us know that you have it completed! I will be going live to answer any questions!

#4 Stay one step ahead of yourself, focus on all the things you CAN eat!! Get excited to learn new ways of cooking and new ways of preparing food!

I am asking for an investment of $50, this is more for accountability than anything. You have signed up, you have paid, you are committed! If you complete the whole 30 days, without cheating, you will be entered in a draw to win $100!